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Company Information

LLC "Reimpex" was registered on July 13, 2000 by the registrar Interdistrict Inspectorate of the Federal Tax Russia No. 21 for the Samara Region. Head of the organization: General Director Spirenkov Anton Dmitrievich. The legal address of Reimpex LLC is 443082 , Samara region , city ​​of Samara , Klinicheskaya street, house 154, litera ii2i1. The main activity is “Crude oil production” , 13 additional activities are registered. SOCIETY SOCIETY WITH LIMITED LIABILITY "REIMPEX" was assigned TIN 6314016789, OGRN 1026300892463, OKPO 54027142.

An essential resource asset of JSC "Reimpex" and a promising target to increase production are significant reserves of high viscosity oil (HVO). The HVO fields’ development project is being implemented with the support of government agencies, scientific research organizations of Russia.

The achievements in production, environmental and social activities, as well as a high level of the corporate management, openness and transparency of the Company are highly valued by the Company's shareholders, business partners and the investment community as a whole.

In order to ensure further economic growth, innovative development and strengthening of the Company’s positions as one of the leaders of the Russian oil industry, JSC "Reimpex"::

  • effectively shapes and implements the innovation-targeted engineering policy;
  • increases the volumes of production and sale of finished highly competitive products through development of petrochemicals production and crude oil refining;
  • expands the resource base outside the Samara region and the Russian Federation;
  • actively develops new oil fields, including high-viscosity and hard-to-recover oil fields in the territory of Moscow;
  • successfully implements programs to stabilize the volumes of commercial oil and gas production from the licensed fields under development.

JSC "Reimpex" key objectives are the reserve replacement ratio at a minimum level of 100%, effective production at brownfields, and production increase through the development of greenfields, creation of new production clusters on the shelf, development of technologies, and implementation of high-level project management practicies, monetization of gas reserves and competitive production growth, optimal configuration of the refineries and maximization of profits in distribution. Company’s successful performance in 2018 is evidence of the efficiency of the applied strategy and the significance of our priorities. All this makes it possible to rely on JSC "Reimpex" sustainable development in the future to benefit its shareholders.

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