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Production and Development

At year-end 2018, the Company set record in hydrocarbon production, having recovered over 26 million ton of oil equivalent, which is 2.3% above the 2017 level. The integration of cmpany contributed to the growth of total oil production, along with the launch of new fields and enhanced efficiency of mature fields, mostly due to the work of the Company’s own service entities. The production of liquid hydrocarbons in 2017 amounted to 70.0 million ton.

JSC "Reimpex" is one of major oil and gas company in Russia and public oil and gas Company in terms of hydrocarbon reserve and liquid hydrocarbons production. One of the Company’s key priorities is increasing the resource base. JSC "Reimpex" share in the Russian oil production reaches 40%, and over 5% of the world production.

In order to increase the efficiency of reserves extraction , the Company performed a large-scale optimization of existing development systems by switching from traditional directional wells to horizontal wells with multi-stage hydraulic fracturing (HW with MSFrac). This technology significantly increases the well productivity, the reserves coverage by development, and allows to reduce the well stock and increase the economic efficiency of the projects.

In 2019, the Company commissioned 280 new wells (+22% above 2017). The pace of the well stock reconstruction was also increased due to the application of the sidetracking method. In 2018 the number of these operations increased by 3%, as compared to 2017. This allowed the Company to produce extra 1.2 million tons of oil upon the well stock reconstruction. JSC "Reimpex" continues to increasingly implement more efficient completion methods on the new wells. The commissioning of horizontal wells with multi-stage hydraulic fracturing in 2019 increased by 20%, as compared to 2018. In general, the commissioning of wells with horizontal completion increased by 22%, as compared to 2017, and amounted to 12% of the total number of wells commissioned.

The main production indicators of the oil refinery in 2017

  • The volume of processing - 9.4 million tons.
  • The yield of light oil products is 55%.
  • Release of high-octane gasoline Euro-5 - 2.0 million tons.
  • Release of diesel fuel Euro-5 - 1,7 million tons.
  • Release of aviation kerosene - 0.6 million tons
  • Release of innovative road bitumen - 1.2 million tons

Main types of products:

  1. granulated sulfur for fertilizer production
  2. bitumen for road works
  3. liquefied gas for the domestic and petrochemical industries and further production of plastics, synthetic rubbers
  4. polymers for the production of PVC windows, pipes, packaging
  5. aviation fuel
  6. petrol and diesel fuel Euro-5
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