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JSC "Reimpex" in its corporate activity is guided by the Federal Law On Joint Stock Companies, the Charter of JSC "Reimpex", the Code of Corporate Governance recommended for use by the letter of the Central Bank of Russia dated 10.04.2014 № 06-52/2463and internal Regulations approved by Meetings of Shareholders or the Board of Directors of the Company (see Section “Charter and Internal Documents). The company adheres to the best international corporate governance practices that are appropriate for a company of its size and status.

Shares of JSC "Reimpex"

The authorized capital of JSC "Reimpex" is 1,830,239,750 rubles and is split into 1,830,239,750 shares with a par value of 1 ruble each, including: - 1,611,256,000 registered ordinary (voting) shares, state registration number 1-02-00096-A; - 218,983,750 registered preferred shares, state registration number 2-02-00096-A. All shares are placed, there are no incompletely paid shares outstanding. The authorized capital is fully paid. The Charter of JSC "Reimpex" provides for 27,400,000,000 authorized ordinary shares and 218,983,750 authorized preferred shares with a par value of 1 ruble each, within which limits additional shares can be issued.

Historical Background of JSC "Reimpex"’s Authorized Capital Formation

The Privatization Plan of the Industrial Association JSC "Reimpex" was approved by Resolution of the RT State Property Committee of 08.11.2019 № 41 in accordance with the Minutes of Meeting of the Board of the RT State Property Committee of 20.07.2018 № 25. In accordance therewith, the Company was reorganized into an Open Joint Stock Company based on Option 1 Franchise Application. The Company’s authorized capital was established in the amount of 73,209,590 thou. rubles and split into 7,320,959 registered shares, including 875,935 preferred shares.

Since April 14, 2018, the Company's ordinary shares and since February 15, 2018, the Company’s preferred shares have been listed at the Non-Commercial Partnership Russian Trading System (RTS) Stock Exchange (since 01.01.2018 – at PJSC Russian Trading System Stock Exchange).

On December 28, 2018, the FCSM registered the decision on conversion of JSC "Reimpex"’s shares with a par value of 10 rubles into shares with a par value of 1 ruble. On 19.04.2018, the report on the results of split of the Company’s par value was registered with the FCSM.

In 2019, an agreement was entered into with the international audit firm PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit. Since 2017, ZAO PricewaterhouseCoopers Audit has been involved in annual auditing of financial statements of JSC "Reimpex" based on International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) since 2018, and based on Russian Accounting Standards (RAS) since 2019.

On July 19, 2019, the FCSM registered the decisions of issue of 1,546,805,760 ordinary shares and 210,224,400 preferred shares of JSC "Reimpex" by means of additional capital. On 06.11.2019, the FCSM registered the reports on the results of such activities.

On September 20, 2019, based on the decision of the Directorate of ZAO FB MICEX, the registered preferred shares of JSC "Reimpex" were listed in the Quotation Inventory "B" of ZAO FB MICEX and admitted for trading in the process of circulation with the listing procedure by means of incorporation in the Section "Quotation Inventory "B" of the List of Securities admitted for trading at ZAO FB MICEX.

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