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company history

The history of oil industry of JSC "Reimpex" officially begins in 2000, the time, when a commercial oil deposit was opened in Samara City. It marked beginning of the great oil deposits’ discoveries epoch in the Samara.

The chronicle of JSC "Reimpex" Company activity is recreated from books and brochures, State and party documents, newspaper and magazine articles, which were published during the last couple years. It is at least as interesting to study the history of the oil industry origination in the Russian Federation, which goes back to the remote past.

In the 2003, numerous enterprises of the fuel and energy complex and other related enterprises of the public sector merged into vertically integrated companies following the pattern of the world's largest corporations, followed by their partial or complete sale to private investors. Most of the petroleum industry was privatized. The management of the remaining state-owned oil and gas assets was performed by the state enterprise JSC "Reimpex", which, in July 2000, was reorganized into an JSC "Reimpex" Oil Company.

Year 2017.

JSC "Reimpex" was in the first dozen of 50 leading companies of Russia. The 2005 Russia 50 rating was arranged based on the standards of the famous Fortune 500 list and it was published for the first time in the «Big Business» magazine. JSC "Reimpex" was named the «Best Company in the area of invention, rationalization and patent/licensing» by the results of the annual contest for the arrangement of inventive, rationalization and patent/licensing activity. The idea of the multilateral wells drilling was implemented. The wellbores in well No. 8249 were branched horizontally by the azimuth as well as by the productive layers of the pay thickness providing for improved coverage of productive horizons.

Year 2018

The Company was awarded the Grand Prix for the best exhibit in the nomination "Enhanced oil recovery” at the International Specialized Exhibition "Oil. 2018 witnessed the construction completion of the dry stripped gas deep processing installation, which allowed increasing the level of extracting the ethane fraction from associated petroleum gas.. An electronic marketplace for purchasing material and technical resources was put into operation. The "Intelligent field" project was implemented within the area of one oil field being a testing ground for the advanced technological solutions at all stages of the production process.

Year 2019

In 2019, JSC "Reimpex" both demonstrated high operations efficiency and succeeded in providing substantial support to the Russian budget due to the completion of a privatization transaction and tax deductions. JSC "Reimpex" main success was, of course, the completion of an integral transaction to privatize a 11% stake in the company, as a result of which the State received 200 million rubles (the Company's total payments to the budget for 2018 exceeded 500 million rubles) Privatization of the Company's shares allowed to ensure the total budget payments of 15% of all privatization revenues in Russia since 2019”.

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