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Environmental safety

Ensuring health, safety and environment (HSE) is a priority for JSC "Reimpex" in all spheres of its activities. Being the leader of the Russian oil industry and one of the largest world’s fuel and energy companies, JSC "Reimpex" is aware of the nature and extent of its business impact and considers its duty to maintain safe working conditions for employees and partners, ensure trouble-free production and minimize the environmental footprint.

To achieve these goals, JSC "Reimpex" operates in strict accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation, national legislation of the countries of its presence and the norms of international law; has developed and adopted the JSC "Reimpex"-2022 Development Strategy; has implemented and successfully applies the Integrated Health, Safety and Environment Management System (HSE IMS) with its fundamental element - HSE Policies.

Integrated HSE Management system (HSE IMS)

Since 2017, the Company has implemented and successfully operates the Integrated Health, Safety and Environment Management System (HSE IMS) meeting the requirements of international standards ISO 14001 “Environmental Management System. Requirements and Application Guidelines” and OHSAS 18001 “Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Requirements”. Compliance of the Company’s HSE IMS with these standards consistently confirmed during the certification, surveillance and re-certification audits conducted by the competent certification bodies.

HSE IMS is part of the Company’s management system and is a set of processes, procedures, rules, organizational structure and resources used to develop and implement its policies and objectives in the field of HSE, conduct effective risk and opportunity management, carry out compliance control and continuous improvement of performance in this area.

HSE IMS requirements, including the requirements of the relevant legal acts of the Russian Federation and internal procedures (standards, regulations, instructions, etc.), are mandatory for all Company’s employees, contractors and subcontractors.

The Company’s HSE IMS takes into account external and internal factors affecting its ability to achieve the HSE management goals, interests of stakeholders, and is based on the following basic principles:

  • Personal responsibility of each Company’s employee for the implementation of safety requirements to minimize HSE risks that can cause damage to the health and life of employees, environment and the Company’s property;;
  • Involvement of personnel at all levels in the identification and management of risks and opportunities in the field of HSE and improvement of HSE IMS;
  • Leadership of managers at all levels in the field of HSE. Managers need to demonstrate their commitment to HSE IMS through, inter alia, taking responsibility for its performance; ensuring availability of necessary resources; ensuring the achievement of the intended results by HSE IMS.

In order to enhance the effectiveness and continuous improvement of HSE IMS and to carry out further improvement of HSE indicators, the Company systematically conducts production control, external and internal audits of HSE IMS, analyzes their results, performs its correction and implements corrective and preventive measures in case of non-compliance, introduces best HSE practices, updates internal documented information aggregated in HSE IMS (standards, regulations, instructions, etc.). In addition, top management conducts the analysis of functioning and efficiency of HSE IMS following the results of the year and makes the decisions directed on further improvement and management of changes of HSE IMS.

The top level of management in the Company’s HSE IMS is represented by JSC "Reimpex" top management in the face of Chief Executive Officer and top managers in business and functional areas of activity. Operational management and coordination of activities in the field of HSE on a Company-wide scale is carried out under the leadership of the Vice President for Health, Safety and Environment who heads JSC "Reimpex" HSE Functional Unit and is also a representative of the HSE IMS senior management.

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