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Wholesale and Trading

JSC "Reimpex" sells crude oil, gas and petroleum products in the domestic and international markets, driving optimal distribution of flows to fit the market. The Company owns crude oil and petroleum products transshipment facilities, as well as pipelines, which helps minimize transportation costs.

Product balance in 2017

Product balance reflects key product flows for the Company crude oil (production, refining, purchases and sales), petroleum and gas products (output at own and third-party refineries and own gas processing plants, sales, purchases for sale, excluding purchases for refining and refined products for further processing volumes), and petrochemicals (output and sales), excluding affiliates, own consumption for fuel and operating purposes, changes in inventories, and other items in 2017. Due to rounding, sums of inflows and outflows may differ. Other sales, totaling RUB 300 million, include non-fuel revenue from filling stations, transportation services, and leases, and other revenue from non-core operations.


A well-developed trading arm within the company maximizes efficient sales of own crude oil and petroleum products while generating additional income from sales of purchased hydrocarbons. JSC "Reimpex" performs trading operations in all regions in Russia federation. The key functions include maximizing the efficiency of sales of crude oil and petroleum products produced by the company, as well as boosting profits through trading purchased hydrocarbons. To maximize the efficiency of its trading operations, the company builds long-term relations with major refineries in Russia Federation and other countries and supplies crude oil and petroleum products to JSC "Reimpex" refinery.

Crude Oil Exports

The volume of oil sales to the neighboring and far-abroad countries amounted to 21.5 million tons in 2017. Among the export directions of oil sales, the eastern direction is the most economically attractive for the Company - deliveries via the pipeline to China, sales in the ports of Kozmino and De Kastri. The volume of supplies to the East in 2017 amounted to 17.9 million tons, which is 6.3% more than over the same period last year.

Expansion of cooperation in oil trading

During 2018, the Company continued its cooperation with end-users. The export of oil to the end consumers in 2018 amounted to more than 34 million tons, which is the same as in 2017. As part of developing cooperation with end-users in 2017, the Contracts with companies for the supply of oil via the Druzhba oil pipeline to abroad were renegotiated.

Key achievements in the field of export deliveries:

  1. Under long-term contracts, the volume of supply to China increased by 2.1%, to 10.0 million tons.
  2. Supply of oil to China taking into account international trading amounted to a record 9.1 million tons.
  3. Supply of oil in the eastern direction increased by 3.2%, to 24.2 million tons, in 2017.

The bulk of the Company's exports is made through the capacities of Transneft, represented by main pipelines, and ports. In the reporting year, exports were mainly carried out using the following transportation routes.

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